Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence has been at the forefront of public attention throughout Australia and in Queensland. The Queensland State government has recently introduced a raft of new legislation relating specifically to domestic violence offences and Protection Order applications.

Our solicitors are highly experienced in all facets of the law relating to domestic violence and protection order matters.

A “Protection Order” is a civil order made by a Court that prohibits a respondent from certain behaviour, such as harassment, stalking, intimidation, violence or the threat of violence. It may also prevent a respondent from contacting an aggrieved or their friends or family members or attending certain places where the aggrieved may work, live or otherwise be present.

A Queensland Court can make an Protection Order if a Respondent consents to an Protection Order being made, or otherwise if a matter proceeds to a trial and a Court is satisfied on the balance of probabilities that there is a relevant relationship between the parties, that there has been domestic violence in the relationship and that it is necessary or desirable for there to be a Protection Order in place.

Our solicitors are also experienced in child protection matters and criminal law and we believe that a holistic approach is required to properly represent each of our clients in relation to any domestic violence matter.

The consequences of a Protection Order being made against an individual can be long reaching and the legal process can often be emotional and confusing. If you need to make an application for a Protection Order against somebody, or if somebody has made an application for a Protection Order against you, you should seek legal advice from one of our experienced solicitors immediately.

Queensland Courts have published a series of videos explaining the court process for making domestic violence orders.  If you are applying or responding to a domestic violence order, there is information here for you.

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