Fraud and Dishonesty Offences

Considered a pre-meditated or manipulative crime, fraud is often looked upon very seriously and can often carry harsh penalties of up to 10 years imprisonment. This area of criminal law is extremely complex, where the need for an experienced solicitor is required to ensure you receive the best advice and defence.

From the simplest of fraud offences to much more complex and high-profile commercial fraudulent matters. Fuller and White Solicitors has the necessary knowledge and experience to expertly represent clients charged with a variety of fraud and dishonesty offences.


Centrelink Fraud




Identity Crime


Medicare Fraud


Tax Fraud

It’s not recommended to participate in any interview with the police, formal or informal, without first seeking out professional legal advice. Proceeding without professional legal assistance can potentially compromise your case and even possibly result in a higher penalty.

Even if you have no intentions of defending the charges brought against and intend to plead guilty, we still highly recommend seeking professional legal advice. Working on behalf of our clients we advocate for the lowest possible penalty through the submission of all relevant mitigating factors.

While the exact penalty imposed will depend entirely upon a variety of factors and of course the severity of the offence. The final verdict and penalty is decided by the court magistrate or judge, our skilful lawyers are adept in negotiating with the prosecution.

If you are facing charges for any type of fraud or dishonesty offence, then contact our criminal defence lawyers right away.