On 28 February 2020, our Kate Fuller will be braving the callover and fetching our lattes when we “Demote The Boss”.

Kate will be fundraising to create healthier habits and raise funds for disadvantaged young Australians as part of her commitment to Febfast this year.   This will be the last official working day for Febfast and we think this is the best way to top it off!

So what does this once in a lifetime demotion mean?  Further details will be forthcoming, but we expect that she

will be responsible for all our pesky mentions, filing of documents (hopefully there will be a long queue), delivery of briefs (even if it’s 35 degrees) and, importantly, getting sandwiches for lunch.

If you need Kate to sort a mention out… you can hit her up at kate@fullerandwhite.com.au.

You can visit Kate’s fundraising page and donate via this link:  https://febfast.org.au/kate-fuller