For most people, the Christmas holidays are all about spending quality time with your loved ones, eating Christmas dinner and enjoying yourself. However, for others, the holiday season is marked by stress or even times of fear and loneliness. And for victims of domestic violence, Christmas and New Year may be the worst times of the year.

Reasons Why Domestic Violence Cases Increase Over the Holidays

The increase in domestic violence incidents during the holiday season can be due to many factors including the “financial strain” caused by Christmas, and even the added “stress” which can sometimes be caused by spending much more time together than usual. Another reason is the increased alcohol consumption and sometimes drug use during the holiday season. This is especially true for domestic violence offenders.

In addition to domestic violence offences, driving under the influence, theft and property crimes also substantially increase during the Christmas holiday period.

Drink Driving over the Christmas Period

While the Christmas holidays are indeed a time of happiness, it is also a time intense stress due to bank accounts taking a huge hit, relatives getting on each other’s nerves and conversely individual without families experiencing extreme loneliness.

Whether joining in the festivities or just coping with anxiety and stress during the holidays, alcohol consumption can quickly and easily escalate over this period. People often drink more alcohol or underestimate exactly how much they have had to drink. As a result, alcohol-related offences increase during the holidays.

Thefts and Burglaries During the Holidays

Thieves are opportunists. For example; bags full of expensive Christmas gifts left in plain sight inside a car is just asking for trouble. Going out of town and leaving the house unoccupied can make you a prime target. Without a doubt, over the Christmas period, there is a spike in burglaries, theft and other certain types of criminal offences.

Crime Never Takes a Holiday

Keep in mind that everyone should be free from fear and tragedy during the holiday season. If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic or family violence, please call the support helpline on 1800 737 732.

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