What Qualities Should a Good Criminal Lawyer Have?

Criminal trials are part of everyday life. We hear about them on television and we read about them in the news. People are eager to know what arguments lawyers have successfully used to prove the innocence of the accused. When it comes to the crisis in our personal lives, there is the desire to know more about the situation than what is on shown television. We need to know what qualities to look for in a criminal lawyer, when we require one.

A criminal defence lawyer is essentially a lawyer, either a barrister or a solicitor, who works primarily in defending a person accused of a crime. They are an expert in concessions, questioning witnesses, and how to advise clients on the best course of action to take. They should have the following qualities in order to achieve success in defending their clients.

Great communication skills:

Criminal lawyers work primarily in courtrooms, where they advocate and put forward their client’s cases. The lawyer should be equally a good listener as they are a speaker. A good lawyer should be able to listen to the client and devise the best solution to deal with the case, taking in to account the particular needs and instructions of their client. They should be able to communicate with the prosecutor, with witnesses and with the judge.


All professionals are expected to have complete knowledge in their particular field; and this is especially true for lawyers. Lawyers in criminal cases need to be sharp and astute in order to stay ahead of the game as things tend to change quite rapidly in the world of law. The law is always changing in criminal law so it is important that lawyers stay on top of changes in policy, court practice and case law.


The criminal lawyer must engage aggressively in all cases. Although it is important to remain patient, a more rewarding quality is to treat the case aggressively and not let anything go unnoticed.


A criminal lawyer must be able to keep personal information about the client strictly confidential. It’s essential any and all information remains confidential otherwise it could lead to a conflict of interest and also expose the client to external prejudices. The Australian Solicitors Conduct Rules sets out particular rules for criminal lawyers pertaining to confidentiality. A good criminal lawyer never uses their client’s case to bolster their own position in the media, and recognises that it is imperative to manage the media in order to limit any impact on their client’s personal life or court matters.

Personal involvement:

The lawyer should be concerned about the safety of the client and act quickly to ensure the incarcerated client is released from jail with haste, if they are eligible for bail or release on sentence. They should be able to understand the impact of the case on the client’s life and be concerned about the direction of the case. Good lawyers understand that incarceration can have a serious impact on all aspects of your life and those life of those you love.

Crucial Aspect

A criminal defence lawyer is a crucial aspect of the defence process and must be chosen with utmost care and research. Make sure the lawyer is qualified and you feel confident in their ability to manage your matters and present your case to the court.